Terms of service and privacy policy

Terms of service

  1. §1 If you don’t agree with the following conditions do not use pimpmydrawing.com, its service or contents.
  2. §2 Feel free to use the png-files on your own site (if it's not a png-content library site / stock picture library) or on social media or what not but never share any vector-files. You always have to link pimpmydrawing.com to let your users access our vector-files. It is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute, reproduce or sale vector-content from pimpmydrawing.com!
  3. §3 Pimpmydrawing.com is intended for anyone to use. However we assume that you as a user know how to use and estimate our content and when or where to use information from pimpmydrawing.com and when to refrain from it.
  4. §4 All content on pimpmydrawing.com is drawn by us or an associate of ours. We do however get inspired from photos when we make most of our content. We assume that we are creating a new piece of art and thereby have the copyright and distribution right of the vector. However we can't guarantee that this is how it would be interpreted by your country's laws. We can therefore leave no guarantees that our content is safe to use seen from a legal stand point and it is always the user of content from pimpmydrawing.com that is responsible. Use content from our site at your own risk!
  5. §5 Pimpmydrawing.com hire freelancers to create content and even though we check everything we can't provide guaranties of its quality. Unfortunately we can't guarantee and compliance with any standards and regulations and we are not responsible for your use of our materials or information in any of your projects.
  6. §6 We are using anti-malware and Antivirus Software on the computers processing the files on pimpmydrawing.com and we assume that they cannot damage device you are using but we cannot provide 100 % guaranty of safety. Users accept all responsibility for using materials from pimpmydrawing.com.

Privacy policy

  1. This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, save, give out and protect your personal data. Cyber and Space AB is the company owning pimpmydrawing.com and is responsible for the handling of personal data and we are concerned about protecting your integrity and to follow integrity laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2016/679).
  2. Cyber and Space AB handles personal data from users, customers, employees, partners, suppliers, various collaborators, potential customers & future possible partners or employees.
  3. This website is owned and managed by Cyber and Space AB - Fyrskeppsvägen 89, 121 54 Johanneshov, SWEDEN.
  4. Cyber and Space AB will handle your personal data according to what is stated in this privacy policy.
  5. We automatically collect some information about our users. There are three ways we collect data from you:
    • Plausible analytics - We use plausible to analyze how our users use our website. They save less data than for example Google Analytics and are according to themselves GDPR compliant.
    • You sign up to our newsletter - When you sign up to our newsletter we will save your email address to be able to send you the newsletter. In each newsletter you will have the option to unsubscribe.
    • You send us an email - If you send us an email we will receive that email. That means that we have your email address and maybe more depending on what personal information you write in the email. Unless you ask us we probably won't delete your email as we prefer to keep it as a reference for the future. If you have sent us an email that you want us to delete please let us know by sending us another email to [email protected]
    • You create an account with us. We will save your email address. If you do any credits purchases we will, through third party (Stripe), be able to see some additional info about you.
    • Make a purchase of some of our packs. We will then also, through third party (Stripe), be able to see some additional info about you.
    • On the last two points it is important to note that the data is stored at stripe (except email-address when creating an account with us).
  6. We might link other websites that is not a part of Cyber and Space AB - these websites should have their own privacy policy and we take no responsibility for how they handle your data.
  7. COOKIES - Cyber and Space uses cookies on our websites. A cookie is a small text file that the website sends to your browser. The cookie file can't in itself identify you personally instead it recognizes the browser you are using to visit the current site. The same goes for phones and pads. If you are using different devices to reach our sites you will have different cookies on each device.
    • Cookies are being sent to your browser from the current website (First-Party cookie) you are visiting or from another organisation that delivers services/functionality to the current site eg. analytics- and/or statistic company (Third-Party cookie).
    • There are two types of cookies: Session cookies and permanent cookies. A session cookie is used to make the site work as intended and is deleted either when you close your browser or sometimes after a set amount of time (in most cases 1-2 hours). A permanent cookie is saved on your computer and enables a website to recognize your IP-address and with that your browser on your next visit. We use both types of cookies. We do this to be able to use functionality that we think improves our sites and products for our users.
    • Most browsers have allow cookies set as default. You can easily change this in your browser settings. There you can also delete and block existing cookies that are saved on your computer. In most browsers there is a help section where you can read how you do this in your specific browser.
    • If you choose not to allow cookies some of the functionality on our websites might be affected and stop working.
    • If you visit and use our services you might give up any of the following data that according to GDPR might be considered personal data:
      • Name and contact information including email address.
      • Demographic information like your location in the world
      • Other information that might be relevant for customer surveys and advertisement
    • Regarding collecting personal data through cookies please see section 8.
    • The information we collect from you can be used to:
      • Make your experience on our websites personal and help us meet your needs
      • Improve our websites and services
      • Contact you through email
      • Send you newsletters and information
    • Our reason to collect personal data is to give you access to information and services from Cyber and Space. Above all else we use your personal data to improve and adapt our products and services and to send out newsletters.
    • We never sell, deal or in any other way transfer personal data to external parties. However this does not include trusted third party that is helping us running our business, we are working on creating a contract for them to sign where they will accept to keep the information confidential. We would however hand your personal data out to fulfill legal claims and duties. So a scenario might occur where we are forced to hand them over to the police other relevant departments where the law forces us or the claims are just.
  10. SAFETY - We are very concerned that your personal data is handled with safety. To avoid unlawful use or exposure we take reasonable physical and technical safety measures in relation to amount and sensitivity of the data in question. The computers with access to any personal identifiable data are kept as safe as we are able to keep them during the circumstances. Know though that a lot of the work are done on cafés and such so they might be physically stolen. If that were to happen we will try to lock the computers from a distance asap.
  11. CONTROL OVER YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION - In accordance to GDPR you have the right to know what personal information that we might have saved about you. The only one is your email address if you have signed up for the newsletter. OR if you have sent us an email. If you want to know if we have your email saved in the newsletter list we recommend you to try and sign up for the newsletter again. Then it will tell you if you are already in there. If not and you successfully sign up you can unsubscribe following the link in the confirmation email. If you want to know if you have shared any personal information with us by sending us an email we recommend you to first check your sent folder on your email client. There you can see if you have shared anything with us that you want to have removed. If that is the case or if you have any additional questions regarding your personal information please contact us at through the contact information below.
  12. WITHDRAW YOUR AGREEMENT OF USE OF PERSONAL DATA - You can whenever you like choose to withdrawal your agreement of personal data. For this site it means to erase your email address from the newsletter database. This is done by using the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.
  13. CONTACT - If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, if you suspect misuse of its statements, or if you want to get in touch of some other reason that is mentioned in this integrity policy please send an email to [email protected]
    • Within each newsletter you will have the option to unsubscribe.
    • In the future we might in addition to the newsletter content include ads in the newsletter that we consider relevant for our subscribers.
    • We keep the database with the newsletter list on a trusted third party server. However they have not signed a contract that they keep it confidential but we assume they do as they are one of the big cloud computing players (Digitalocean).
    • We will ask you to confirm your email address by sending you an email with a confirmation link inside. If you fail to confirm we will keep your email and try again later. This is because we have problems with spam-filters and we want to make sure that everyone who did sign up get the chance to join the newsletter.
  15. AI-Generated Content Disclaimer
    • Pimpmydrawing.com hereby disclaims any responsibility for the ownership and copyright status of images generated by users through our AI-powered image generation tool. Given the nascent state of legal precedents in this area, it is imperative for users to understand and accept that the determination of copyright ownership of AI-generated images remains a legally ambiguous and evolving issue. Consequently, the users must bear the full responsibility and risk associated with the use and distribution of such content.
    • Furthermore, Pimpmydrawing.com makes no guarantees regarding the persistence, deletion, accessibility, or privacy of the content generated through our service. Users should be cognizant of the fact that AI-generated content may be subject to removal, loss, or alteration without prior notice or liability. As such, it is the sole responsibility of the user to secure and protect their rights in relation to the use of such generated content.
    • By utilizing the AI image generation feature on Pimpmydrawing.com, users acknowledge and agree to these terms, absolving Pimpmydrawing.com, its affiliates, and partners from any claims, liabilities, damages, or losses that may arise in connection with the use of the AI-generated content.
    • Pimpmydrawing.com strictly prohibits the use of its AI-powered image generation tool for creating content that is deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to content that is sexually explicit, offensive, or in violation of any laws or regulations (collectively referred to as "NSFW content").
      • Loss of Credits: Any attempt to generate NSFW content using our AI tools will result in the immediate forfeiture of the credits used for that attempt. These credits will not be reimbursed or credited back to your account.
      • Account Suspension Repeated attempts to generate NSFW content may lead to a review of your user account and possible suspension or termination, based on our discretion and in accordance with our overall Terms of Service.
      By using our AI image generation feature, users agree to adhere to these restrictions and acknowledge that they understand the consequences of attempting to generate prohibited content. This is essential to ensure a responsible use of our AI technologies and to maintain compliance with legal and ethical standards.
  16. Purchase and Usage of Credits
    • At Pimpmydrawing.com, we offer credits that can be used to generate AI-powered content. These credits allow you to conveniently access and utilize our advanced AI tools for creating content that suits your needs.
      • Non-Refundable: Once purchased, credits are non-refundable. Pimpmydrawing.com does not offer refunds for unused credits. Please purchase wisely based on your anticipated needs.
      • Expiration of Credits: All credits purchased on Pimpmydrawing.com come with an expiration date. Credits must be used within the timeframe specified at the time of purchase. Unused credits will expire and cannot be recovered or refunded after the expiration date.
      • No Buy-Back Policy: Pimpmydrawing.com does not buy back unused credits. Once credits are purchased, they remain in your account until they are used or until they expire.
      Please ensure you understand and agree to these terms prior to purchasing credits. By buying credits, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these terms.
    • Cyber and Space AB can't be held responsible for damages or losses that directly or indirectly been caused from use of our websites (eg. pimpmydrawing.com) or services. Cyber and Space AB gives no guarantees of accessibility or function of our websites or services.
    • Cyber and Space AB can't be held responsible for the legal aspect of the content on sites we might link to nor guarantee that published links work.
    • Cyber and Space AB can't be held responsible for any kind of damage or loss related to your use of the content on any websites (pimpmydrawing.com included) managed by Cyber and Space AB. This discharge includes both direct losses and indirect losses and losses caused by operational disturbance, that our websites aren't accessible or similar.
    • Cyber and Space AB removes its responsibility for the personal data in case of: sabotage/hacker attack or other external affect that is beyond our control or event that is considered force majeure.
    • Cyber and Space AB (and with that pimpmydrawing.com) is based in Sweden and is following swedish law. The users from outside Sweden are themselves responsible to follow the rules, laws and regulations applicable to their usage of our websites and services.