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We will never purposfully give your email-adress to anyone. Exceptions to this would be:

  • Leagal authorities - if we of some reason get viable leagal claim that force us to share your information we might have to do so.
  • Hacker attacks - If someone succeeds in hacking our service and get hold of your email adress they will obviously get your email address and be able to use it. While constructing this site we take the safety measures we can to avoid this scenario to happen but some hackers are probably way better then us at this stuff... That means that it potentially could happen and you should be aware of that risk while signing up to our newsletter. We can't promise this will not happen. Obviously this would not be a purposfull event from our side but thought we let you know.

In the future we might in addition to the newsletter content include ads that we concider relevant for our subscribers.

We do use cookies and collect data from our users. Read more about that in our cookies section.

.. or if you don't want to go there here is the info from the cookie-info site:

We use cookies to be able to see how many visitors we have on the site and to be able to analyze who uses our site and what content is popular. All to be able to provide the best possible site for our users. The tool we use is a third party extention to collect data and it is called 'google analytics'. If you want to know more about what they save you can check out their page here! We might share some of this information to an advertisement company in the future if we decide to put ads on our site. No worries though, this site will not be cluttered with spamy ads and it will always be user friendly and clean!

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