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Terms of service

  1. If you don’t agree with the following conditions do not use pimpmydrawing.com, its service or contents.
  2. Feel free to use the png-files on your own site (if it's not a png-content library site / stock picture library) or on social media or what not but never share any vector-files. You always have to link pimpmydrawing.com to let your users access our vector-files. It is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute, reproduce or sale vector-content from pimpmydrawing.com!
  3. Pimpmydrawing.com is intended for anyone to use. However we assume that you as a user know how to use and estimate our content and when or where to use information from pimpmydrawing.com and when to refrain from it.
  4. All content on pimpmydrawing.com is drawn by us or an associate of ours. We do however get inspired from photos when we make most of our content. We assume that we are creating a new piece of art and thereby have the copyrigth and distributiion right of the vector. However we can't guarantee that this is how it would be interpreted by your countrys laws. We can therefore leave no guarantees that our content is safe to use seen from a legal stand point and it is always the user of content from pimpmydrawing.com that is responsible. Use content from our site at your own risk!
  5. Pimpmydrawing.com hire freelancers to create content and even though we check everything we can't provide guaranties of its quality. Unfortunatley we can't guarantee and compliance with any standards and regulations and we are not responsible for your use of our materials or information in any of your projects.
  6. We are using anti-malware and anti-virusprograms on the computer processing the files on pimpmydrawing.com and we assume that they cannot damage device you are using but we cannot provide 100 % guaranty of safety. Users accept all responsibility for using materials from pimpmydrawing.com.


Within each newsletter email you will have to option to unsubscribe.

We will never purposfully give your email-adress to anyone. Exceptions to this would be:

  • Leagal authorities - if we of some reason get viable leagal claim that force us to share your information we might have to do so.
  • Hacker attacks - If someone succeeds in hacking our service and get hold of your email adress they will obviously get your email address and be able to use it. While constructing this site we take the safety measures we can to avoid this scenario to happen but some hackers are probably way better then us at this stuff... That means that it potentially could happen and you should be aware of that risk while signing up to our newsletter. We can't promise this will not happen. Obviously this would not be a purposfull event from our side but thought we let you know.

In the future we might in addition to the newsletter content include ads that we concider relevant for our subscribers.


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